Employment Law

Employment Law

MHR Law advises employees and employers alike at all points during the employment lifecycle – from beginning to end and anywhere in between. We have assisted clients with key employment law issues including:

  • representing clients in relation to wrongful or constructive dismissals;
  • drafting and reviewing employment contracts;
  • drafting and reviewing management, consulting and independent contractor agreements;
  • setting up partnerships and professional corporations;
  • advising on non-competition/non-solicitation, non-disclosure and confidentiality provisions;
  • establishing or reviewing policies and procedures for hiring, promoting and retaining employees;
  • advising on:
    • occupational health and safety;
    • workers compensation;
    • medical and drug testing in the workplace;
    • labour and union matters;
    • discrimination in the workplace, human and privacy rights;
    • employment standards;
    • directors’ liability for payroll deductions (Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance and income taxes) and unpaid wages;
    • employer’s vicarious liability for the actions of its employees;
  • Advising on employee and employer rights and obligations during changes in corporate control, downsizing, demotions or dismissals.


Wrongful dismissal and employment litigation

Litigation relating to employment law is a specialized area with unique rules. An employee who is terminated without cause and without notice or proper compensation in lieu of notice may have recourse against his or her employer. If your employment law issues concerns litigation, visit our Litigation page

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