Monthly Archives - June 2019

Trident Open House

On June 25, 2019, lawyers from MHR Law attended the Central Mountain View Advisory Group’s open house on Trident Exploration at Reed Ranch School. Speakers from the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), Surface Rights Board, Orphan Well Association and Farmers’ Advocate Office presented a high-level overview of options for land owners affected by Trident’s cessation of operations. Concerned landowners are encouraged to sign up for the Farmers’ Advocate Office’s distribution list for advisories from the FAO setting out information and advice on legislation, rights and responsibilities related to surface leases. Copies of advisories are also available by contacting the FAO office through 310-FARM (3276). MHR Law has seen an increase in calls from clients regarding delinquent surface lease payments, and will continue to look for ways to educate affected landowners and present viable, cost-efficient options for resolution.