Practice Areas

Business & Corporate Law

Running a business is equally challenging and satisfying. Challenges arise from everywhere, but with effective legal advice, you can minimize your legal problems and protect your bottom line.

Cost-effective, affordable legal services help build a solid foundation for your business. If you are facing a business problem with a legal element, let us help. We are solution-driven, understand that budgets matter, and know that you would rather focus on growing your business than worrying about legal technicalities.

We can help in these areas:
  • Incorporations
  • Unanimous Shareholder Agreements
  • Contract drafting
  • Registered Office, Annual Returns, Dividend and Corporate Resolutions
  • Drafting And Negotiating Leases
  • Employment Contracts
  • Tax Reorganizations
  • Partnership And Shareholder Agreements
  • Buying And Selling Businesses
  • Commercial Real Estate Conveyancing

Wills & Estate Planning

In order to assist your family in dealing with your estate and succession planning, our estate planning team is here to help.
Sit down with one of our experienced Wills lawyers. They will explain the steps to making a will and guide you through the decisions and choices to help build an estate plan that will look after you loved ones when you are gone.
We can help in these areas:
  • Wills
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Personal Directives (AKA Living Wills)
  • In-home and Hospital Appointment Available for Those Unable to Travel to Our Offices
  • Updating Existing Documents
  • Secure Document Storage
  • Farm Succession Planning
  • Drafting Family Trusts
    Trusts for Dependent Family Members (Henson Trusts)
  • Transferring Title into Joint Names

Estate Administration & Probate

You have been named the executor in a family member or friend’s will. Now what? We are here to help you understand what responsibilities you are about to accept and what tasks you will need to complete to properly administer your loved one’s estate.

We can help in these areas:
  • Advise personal representatives
  • Prepare and submit probate applications
  • Advising on intestate estates when no will exists
  • Make court appearances regarding disputed estates
  • Transfer jointly held land to the surviving owner
  • Represent beneficiaries in estate disputes
  • Assist spouses and common law partners enforce their statutory rights after death
  • Transfer property to beneficiaries
    Hold estate funds in trust during administration
  • Transfer shares in private and public companies
  • Advertise for creditors​

Real Estate

Whether it is your first home, or your forever home, or an investment property, you house is likely the biggest sale or purchase you will make in your lifetime​. Lawyers make sure you get what you are paying for – full ownership of your house, or the proper sale proceeds. We are here to guide you through the interactions between the bank, the other side and your realtor. While you won’t see us on closing day, we are the ones that make it happen.
We can help in these areas:
  • Buying Your Home
  • Selling Your Home
  • Private Land Sales (Without Realtors)
  • Buying And Selling Commercial Property
  • Buying And Selling Farmland
  • Ranch Leases
  • Mobile Home Purchases
  • Refinancing

Family Law

If you are ready to move forward, find creative ways to divide property, and respect your former partner’s rights while protecting your own, our family law lawyers are here to help. The route to establishing separate lives might not always be straight-forward, but with our family law team, you will always know what your options are, what the next steps look like, and you will always have an advocate who is focused on perusing practical solutions that move your closer to your goal of moving on with your life.
We can help in these areas:
  • Advising on Your Legal Rights
  • Drafting and Negotiating
  • Matrimonial and Property Separation Agreements
  • Court Appearances Including Chambers Applications, Special Applications and Trials
  • Advocating for Clients Using Alternative Dispute Resolutions Including Mediation and Arbitration
  • Preparing Co-habitation Agreements and Pre-nuptial Agreements
  • Providing Independent Legal Advice for Separation Agreements
  • Assisting Grandparents in Asserting Their Family Rights
  • Adoption of Children

Personal Injury

Have you recently been impacted by someone else’s negligence?

Our team is here to advocate for your rights and help you get your life back together.

We can help in these areas:
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Brain injury
  • Animal attacks
  • Long term disability
  • Wrongful death