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Whether it is your first home, or your forever home, or an investment property, you house is likely the biggest sale or purchase you will make in your lifetime​

Lawyers make sure you get what you are paying for – full ownership of your house, or the proper sale proceeds.  We are here to guide you through the interactions between the bank, the other side and your realtor.  While you won’t see us on closing day, we are the ones that make it happen.

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If you are buying or selling land in Alberta, we can help with:

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Drop us a note before (or after) your sale is finalized and we will keep an eye out for your conveyancing documents. Complete the form below and we will be in touch when your documents come through.

Please note, due to the high volume of real estate matters we are currently handling, it may be 3-4 business days before we can respond to your request as we work hard to serve our existing clients.

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Why do I need a lawyer for a purchase or sale?

In a real estate transaction, the lawyers act to ensure everyone gets what they agreed to, usually on the date they said they would. Land ownership is recorded at the Land Titles Offices.

Lawyers operate under a set of rules that ensure that when you hand over the land transfer to your house, you will get paid, and that if you are buying, that you will eventually get the piece of paper confirming you own the parcel of land you just took out a mortgage worth several hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase

When should I get a hold of MHR Law?

While we do not start working on your file until all the conditions are off and your sale is finalized, we appreciate if you let us know once you have a signed conditional offer. Already have a final offer? No problem. Just let your realtor know you want to use us as your lawyer, and he or she will send over the conveyancing paperwork so we can get started on your file. 

Why should I choose MHR Law over the other guys?

MHR Law has a whole team of lawyers and paralegals to ensure your sale is completed quickly, on time and correctly. We have 2 full time real estate paralegals that focus exclusively on real estate transactions, and all of our lawyers handle real estate transactions. So while we do 20-50 closing a month, we are never too busy to give your file the attention it deserves. We believe in solving problems that arise on files, head on, rather than bumping them down the road.

Our Real Estate Legal Team​

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