What is a Real Property Report?

December 17, 2020

Real property reports (RPRs) are survey reports that provide an aerial view of the property being sold. They show the property lines and all buildings on the property.  The RPR shows whether if are in the right place – within the property lines and municipal set back requirements.

The buyer should ask to receive an up to date RPR (i.e. an RPR that accurately depicts all improvements that have been made to the property).  You will also want proof of compliance. This means the municipality has reviewed the RPR and confirmed the buildings meet the the requirements in the by-laws.  This helps avoid later problems. For example, if correcting an building is partially on a neighboring property, you would rather have the seller fix it now instead of you having to deal with it later. Additionally, your lender usually requires a current RPR as a term of your mortgage.

As a seller, many contracts will require you to provide certain warranties to the seller about municipal compliance. Providing a current RPR ensures that your warranties are accurate. We strongly recommend sellers order an RPR before signing an offer, as you have more options to deal with any misplaced building on your property before you sign the contract. This prevents you from promising something to the buyer that is not true.